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Lion's Square 33

In the center of Heraklion (at a point where some call it the “navel of Crete“), next to the historic Morosini Fountain is our main store.

With a view of the ornate Venetian fountain with the 4 lions spouting water from their mouths, come and listen to the whispers of tradition and an aura of 100 years of history as you taste unique flavors, with recipes from Izmir, their quality and art and unchanged, as handed down to us by our grandparents.

Telephone: 2810 284774

Irakli 97 Mastambas

In a wonderful sports center with tennis, padel, gym and playground you will find our second store. There you can taste standard cuisine made by us with the same quality as our traditional dishes.

We can also organize children’s parties for your children and their little friends!

Telephone: 2810 344333

Kastrinogiannaki 1 Philothei

In a large sports center with football fields, Panathinaikos academies, tennis courts, padel, and indoor gym you will find our third new store. This store is self-serviced and also serves some additional dishes in addition to our main traditional menu.

Telephone: 2810 335536

06:00 - 00:00 (Lion's Square)

08:00 - 00:00 (Mastambas & Philothei)

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Λογότυπο Φυλλοσοφίες - Η Καλύτερη μπουγάτσα της Κρήτης