The story begins in 1922 when Apostolos Salkintzis came from Smyrna in Heraklion and created his little patisserie called “Leontaria”.

Apostolos Salkintzis craftsmanship and his love for the authentic bougatsa made his patisserie famous and gave his product a special identity which made locals and refugees, who had fled to Heraklion after Smyrna was destroyed, to look for this renowned bougatsa, which many of his clients called “Bougatsa of Apostolis”.

Over the years, the “Leontaria” of Apostolos Salkintzis, pass to the next generation, with the third generation successor Giannis Salkintzis, continuing and evolving the tradition.

The award-winning “PHYLOSOPHIES”, having won the first place in the “Estia Awards” category, is developing a new creative path.

In addition to the delicious bougatsa with cream or mizithra made with the traditional recipe and the unique air leaf, as well as the traditional donuts that are offered in many different combinations, “PHILOSOPHIES” have created a new concept that starts early the morning and goes on till late in the evening. Stunning breakfast and brunch, rich snacks, omelets, pizzas, salads, and other creative suggestions, come to create a complete set of suggestions.

The boutiques that are constantly being refreshed, offer many additional choices. Homemade soft drinks like syrup, black tea, lemon beebrush, almond and cinnamon, born from a magic recipe of the East, herbal teas, low alcoholic aperitifs, and the constant effort of evolution, are linked to the new philosophy of … PHYLOSOPHIES.

And our evolution continues…